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About Us

Hiring The Right Power Line Excavation Company Can Be The Most Important Part Of Your Project.

“When You Put Your Stamp On Something, You Need To Make Sure It’s A Quality Job That Reflects Your Standards” – Brent Woodward, President BWI

Brent Woodward, Inc. We trace our roots to Brent’s start in the logging, road building and trucking industry. Since then the company has grown to become a leader as a sub-contractor in the power line construction industry.

Long a force in the Oregon and Washington area, BWI has expanded to cover the entire West Coast including: Oregon, Washington, California, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, and Colorado.

BWI is a trusted business partner to Pacific Power & Light providing concrete and foundation expertise. Currently, we are fulfilling our over 10 year contract with PP&L providing pole holes anchor installation, trenching, crane, and all their heavy trucking needs. BWI also has a strong business relationship with the Yakima and Walla Walla, WA PP&L groups. BWI is also a provider for Bonneville Power, Central Electric Co Op, and many other rural electric coops and PUD’s.

Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t sub any of our work out. We have the crew. We have the equipment. We have the capability to handle all aspects of the job. Your project will never be delayed because we don’t have the right person or the right piece of equipment. Rather you’ll always enjoy a seamless project delivery.
And you can trust that Brent knows every job, every employee on the job, every employ on the job and is fully aware of all aspects of the project. That is the BWI difference. Meet A Few Of Our Crew.

When it comes to ongoing education and certifications, you can trust that we are always learning and always striving to be our best.

  • ADSC – Association of Drilled Shaft Contractors
  • Safety Certification – Safety Services Certificate of Recognition
  • Licensed and Trained Explosives
  • Licensed and Trained Power Line Implo Sleeves
  • Certified Emplosive Sleeve Certificate
  • Holder US FOT FHWA NHI Drilled Shaft Foundation Inspector – Oregon US DOT Version
  • Oregon BOLI Convention
  • Washington Prevailing Wage Seminar
  • California Tax Law Seminar
  • In house CPR/AED First Aid Training

At BWI, we are driven to provide the best excavation services to you. Our IBEW signatory crews will relentlessly pursue your expectations. Whether we are on a single hole job or an endless transmission right-of-way, we will show up each day prepared to give our best. That’s the Brent Woodward Promise! Call today at: 541.504.5538.

Entiat Valley 115kV Transmission Line

"Great team and communication. I recently hired BWI and had a great experience."

Supporting Local's 125, 659, 77, 483 and 1245