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Meet Our Team

Brent Woodward – President

“I don’t think it’s possible to have a higher confidence level in my crew. I am proud of our accomplishments and the outstanding work ethic of every man on my team. They are more than qualified to do anything that is asked of them. We all take great pride in the work that we do and see every project to completion.I wanted to design a company where anyone could advance themselves, where everyone felt like a valuable part of a bigger “whole”. I am thankful to be in this line of business working side by side with a team that shares my commitment to excellence.” ~Brent Woodward

Jim Draper – IBEW Foreman

“The quality of work that we do is top notch. I think one of our big differentiators is the strength of our crews. We tend to operate more like a family, than employee or employer. We treat each other like brothers rather than guys we work with and the end result is always a quality job that all of us can be proud of.My personal opinion is that our work is superior to any other contractor – we are the best in the business. I can say that because we have been called in to fix projects where other contractors have failed. Our code of ethics and the quality of work is top notch. The finished product is the absolute best that can be expected.I am completely satisfied working at Brent Woodward, Inc. Brent provides a positive work environment with ongoing education. Brent is more than a boss. he’s become a good friend too.” ~Jim Draper

Michael Montgomery – IBEW Groundman

“Working at Brent Woodward, Inc. has taught me the value of team work. My fellow co-workers have always been available to me, to show me the best way to tackle the project in order to meet the deadline for each customer. My co-workers have also listened to my suggestion on how to approach different aspects of each project.I started out hand drilling holes in rocks and progressed into learning how to build and pour concrete foundations. I admire Brent in that he was right by my side and helping with the hand dug holes. This is what our team is like. It’s not about any one individual, rather it is how we all come together to get a job done.” ~Michael Montgomery

Johnny Orem – IBEW Line Equipment Operator

“At BWI, the entire crew gets along very well and work as one unit. Everyone working for BWI has a unique skill in construction and is willing to share their knowledge and teach the other so the job always gets done right. If the crew you are working with runs into a situations, everyone will pull together to correct it and make sure that when the job is complete, it is truly flawless. BWI is a great company to work for as our owner, Brent Woodward allows you to learn new skills on a regular basis, always encouraging you to strive for the best. Brent is the kind of boss that appreciates the work you do and always thanks you at the end of the day.” ~Johnny Orem

Entiat Valley 115kV Transmission Line

"Great team and communication. I recently hired BWI and had a great experience."

Supporting Local's 125, 659, 77, 483 and 1245